English in Singapore, LISA LIM, 9789888028436, 香港文大 , 書局, 網路書店, 金石堂,

「為什麼高鐵也會坐到鐵腿?」「為什麼三個小時的年夜飯吃完身心俱疲?」「為什麼發完紅包口袋空空、還暗地被「青」了一下?」這麼多椎心頓足的OS年年上演,人生,是一場不斷冒險的旅程,誰說野狼不會遇上貓呢?還不趕快先惡補生存交戰閱讀指南,跳脫框框,能讓你的視野更開闊,夢想不遠,廢柴也能出頭天!今天,在這兒跟各位推薦一本好書:English in Singapore


English in Singapore,作者:LISA LIM,出版社:香港文大,ISBN:9789888028436


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English in Singapore,作者:LISA LIM,出版社:香港文大,ISBN:9789888028436

《English in Singapore》

English in Singapore provides an up-to-date, detailed and comprehensive investigation into the various issues surrounding the sociolinguistics of English in Singapore. Rather than attempting to cover the usual topics in an overview of a variety of English in a particular country, the essays in this volume are important for identifying some of the most significant issues pertaining to the state and status of English in Singapore in modern times, and for doing so in a treatment that involves a critical evaluation of work in the field and new and thought-provoking angles for reviewing such issues in the context of Singapore in the twenty-first century. The contributions address the historical trajectory of English (past, present and possible future), its position in relation to language policy and multiculturalism, the relationship between the standard and colloquial varieties, and how English can and should be taught. This book is thus essential reading for scholars and students concerned with how the dynamics of the English language are played out and managed in a modern society such as Singapore. It will also interest readers who have a more general interest in Asian studies, the sociology of language, and World Englishes.

English in Singapore,作者:LISA LIM,出版社:香港文大,ISBN:9789888028436

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